The Instruction of Vacuum Cleaning Furnace
The Instruction of Vacuum Cleaning Furnace
Aug 8, 2019

Simple Specification

I Operation

1. Adopts three-phase wire, 380V AC 50Hz wires for power inlet wires. And connect the water pipe.

2. Open the furnace cover first, put in parts, then turn off the cover and lock it. At the same time, check the waste collection tank whether locked or not.

3. Open the master water valve ( The water pressure shall be about 0.2Mpa, and shall alarm when low water pressure. )

4. Turn the Meters, Chamber Heaters, Catalytic Heaters ON

5. We have set the procedure, Users can reset. According to II Cleaning Craft Procedure)

6. Turn theManual/Autoswitch on Auto position. The equipment will automatically cleaning according to the work procedure.

7. When the procedure is over, the equipment will stop heating automatically, and the vacuum pump will also stop automatically. Take out the workpieces when the temperature inside the hearth cools to 200℃ naturally, then open the waste collection container and pour out the waste.

IV Cleaning Craft Procedure

This graph is the cleaning procedure set in factory. ( User can reset the working procedure according to the instrument specification.)

1. OA part, (300℃ 60min), heat up the workpiece to 300℃ in 60 minutes.

2. AB part, (300℃ 120min), keep the furnace temperature on 300℃ for 120 minutes, melt most of the high polymer on the surface of spinnerets and flow into the waste collection container.

3. BC part, (520℃ 60min), heat up the furnace temperature from 300℃ to 520℃ in 60 minutes. ( The water valve and vacuum pump are automatically opened when the furnace temperature is heated up to 320℃. )

4. CD part, (520℃ 360min), keep the furnace temperature on 520℃ for 360 minutes. Make the rest of high polymer completely oxidized and  decomposed under the condition of vacuum, high temperature and low oxygen. At this time, suck the carbon dioxide in the hearth and the water vapour through the vacuum pump, and washed by the water spraying syringe, then taken out by the water.

5. When CD part ends, the procedure comes to the natural cooling part, the equipment will stop heating automatically, and the vacuum pump will also stop automatically, only leave the instrument electrify.

Program running cycle is eight hours.

If a second spinneret cleaning, please turn off the main power switch first, and restart again!

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