How to install and use the electric thermal oil heater
How to install and use the electric thermal oil heater
Sep 7, 2022
Electric thermal oil heater is widely used in all kinds of industries. It helps control the temperature of host equipment, and conduct internal circulation through heating thermal oil to achieve the purpose of temperature control. Electric thermal oil heater takes coal, heavy oil, light oil and other combustible gases as fuel, thermal oil is heat carrier. A circulating oil pump to force a liquid phase that delivers heat to equipment.

How to install and use electric thermal oil heater, it mainly has the following steps:

1.When we receive the equipment, first is to remove the packing. We should check if there is any broken outside the heater. And then examine the control cabinet. Connecting the heater to the main power supply after determining the placement position,.

2.Connecting the pipe between the thermal oil heater and equipment that requires heating.

3.Adding thermal oil through expansion tank. During the process of adding thermal oil, We can put on the main power supply and start the circulating pump. Let thermal oil fully enter the equipment that requires heating until expansion tank stops low liquid level alarm

4.After adding thermal oil, we should check all the pipe lines for leakage. Operating the machine to check if pressure is normal. When the pressure is normal, heating up to 95-100℃. Waiting the pressure stable and then heating up gradually. The thermal oil heater has the function of automatic exhaust. After a period of running, we can set the temperature we need when the pressure is stable. At this time, the whole thermal oil heater complete the installation and debugging stage.

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