Auxiliary Machine for Melt Blown Fabric-Yizheng Sinopec , China

Auxiliary Machine for Melt Blown Fabric-Yizheng , China

Project Name: Auxiliary Machine for Melt Blown contains:

Cabinet Vacuum Cleaning Furnace 2300*400*400

Waste Gas and Water Treatment System

230kw Air Heater

Project Time: 2020

China Petrochemical Corporation (Sinopec Group) is a super-large petroleum and petrochemical enterprise group, established by the state in July 1998 on the basis of the former China Petrochemical Corporation, and further incorporated as a limited liability corporation in August 2018. A super large petroleum and petrochemical group, the company has a registered capital of 274.9 billion yuan with the board chairman of Sinopec Group serving as its legal representative. It exercises the investor's rights to the related state assets owned by its full subsidiaries, controlled companies and share-holding companies, including receiving returns on assets, making major decisions and appointing managers. It operates, manages and supervises state assets according to related laws, and shoulders the corresponding responsibility of maintaining and increasing the value of state assets.

As impacted by the COVID-19, there are many demands for melt blown fabric, which is a kind of important raw material for face mask. Sinopec Group responds the call of government to set up a new production line in one month. We provide the vacuum cleaning furnace that is used for removing of polypropylene from spinnerets and screws  and air heater that is used for supplying hot gas to fuse the polypropylene.








1 set


Yizheng , China


Treatment System

1 set


Yizheng , China



1 set


Yizheng , China

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