Meltblown machine in abundant supply
Meltblown machine in abundant supply
Mar 18, 2020
According to the China Securities Journal, the State Council recently issued a decision to direct Sinopec to deal with the current severe situation of epidemic prevention and control in the country and the shortage of core materials for masks. Using its own raw material production advantages, it will immediately organize the supply of goods, and quickly build 10 meltblown Spinning production line.

According to SINOMACH, China Textile Technology's Hongda Research Institute undertook the key project of Sinopec's spunbond, meltblown composite nonwovens complete equipment, and has officially started in Yanshan Petrochemical. Hongda Research Institute was commissioned to reduce the project cycle from six months to 20 days, and raced against time to complete this seemingly “impossible” task.

Sinopec is actively carrying out industrial chain cooperation, accelerating the pace of direct production of meltblown materials, meltblown non-woven fabrics and masks, and forming new medical mask raw materials and mask production capacity as soon as possible. It is believed that after the ten production lines are successively put into production, the tension of mask materials will be alleviated to a certain extent.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has learned through the leader of the domestic spinning and melting equipment industry, Hongda Research Institute Co., Ltd., that the relevant equipment (air heater, vacuum cleaning furnace, ultrasonic cleaning machine) for producing meltblown non-woven fabric units is suuplied by Jiangsu Ruiyuan Heating Equipment Co., Ltd.
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