Cleaning Solution For Candle Filters Project

Cleaning Solution For Candle Filter Project(PET, PA6/66, PBT Polyester Filter)

Typical components: candle filter

Available thermal cleaning machine:

· vacuum pyrolysis cleaning oven

· ultrasonic cleaner

· high pressure washer


1. Vertical Vacuum Pyrolysis Cleaning Oven

Vacuum pyrolysis cleaning oven is designed specially for cleaning polymers from a variety of metal components. The parts to be cleaned are heated in a chamber where the polymer melts and drains into the bottom collector. Remaining polymer is vaporized.


The most common application is the cleaning of dies, filters and tools in
Synthetic fiber and nonwovens industries
Blown and cast film production
Polymer production
Masterbatch production
Injection Moulding

Packaging industry (hot melt...)

Vacuum cleaning furnace is especially recommended for
Spin packs
Nonwoven dies
Blown film die heads
Pelletizing dies
Filter bundles / Filter candles
Filter stacks / Leaf disks
Extruder screws, screw elements
Static mixers

2. Ultrasonic Cleaner

Ultrasonic cleaner is applied to remove remaining ash and restore spinneret holes to like new.Positive for different cleaning objects, we are equipped with special ultrasonic cleaning equipment.

3. High Pressure Washer

High pressure cleaning equipment is used to wash the larger carbide on the spinneret plate.

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